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Blondie's Secret (1948)



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This time out, Blondie and Dagwood are anxious to go on their long-awaited vacation, but Radcliffe needs Dagwood to stick around a few days longer to help solidify an important deal. However, Radcliffe had postponed Dagwood's vacation several times already and doesn't dare face Blondie's wrath by postponing it again. But Ollie comes up with a dastardly plan to keep the Bumsteads home. This series entry was the first to be directed by Edward L. Bernds, who wrote the screenplay for several previous episodes, and it's not much to be proud of. Although an interesting subplot puts Daisy in jeopardy -- which would involve and concern any viewer -- far too many scenes just don't make any sense. And the silly counterfeit money subplot looks like it was thrown in last minute just to spice up the story...but it doesn't.

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