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Beware of Blondie (1950)



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This film is the last hurrah for the Blondie film series, and the last time Penny Singleton and Arthur Lake would team up as Blondie and Dagwood. Arthur Lake would play Dagwood again in a television series that lasted throughout 1957, but Penny Singleton would move on to other things...eventually to become the voice of Jane Jetson for the popular Hanna Barbara cartoons. Beware of Blondie, while a shadow of the series' former self, is nevertheless a lot of fun, as even the worst in the series were, and it's a considerable step up from the previous few. Inexplicably, Dagwood's boss is Mr. Dithers again, but he's on vacation having left Dagwood in charge. The few shots there are of Dithers are shot back to, and the actor, from behind, looks somewhat like Jonathan Hale (who played the character in the other Blondie films featuring Dithers). This entry also gives us our first and only brief look at the Bumsteads' neighbors Herb and Harriet Woodley, prominent characters in the comic strip. Dagwood's troubles, this final go-round, involve a female client (Adele Jergens, in her second appearance in the series) with ulterior designs.

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