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Blondie Goes Latin (1941)



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The Blondie series takes a turn toward musical comedy with this entry. Mr. Dithers takes Dagwood and family on a cruise to South America. Last minute, they discover Dagwood has to return to the office to close an important deal...but he doesn't make it off the ship before it pulls out. Penny Singleton gets to exercise her voice, which gave her her start in show business, but it's Larry Simms as Baby Dumpling, believe it or not, who gets the best number. Fortunately, the musical aspect didn't continue in the Blondie series, but the diversion is more than welcome for this one outing, particularly since it doesn't compromise the comedy. Trivia fans should watch for a scene with Irving Bacon, playing the Bumstead's original mailman, and Eddie Acuff, playing a cab driver. Later on, Bacon would leave the series, and Acuff would replace him.

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