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Re: 7th *Heaven*?
Posted By: Grishny, on host
Date: Wednesday, September 26, 2001, at 08:34:35
In Reply To: Re: 7th *Heaven*? posted by wintermute on Wednesday, September 26, 2001, at 07:29:42:

> But which two Trekkers? That's a question I
need to have answered.
> winter"please tell me it's Patrick Stewart and
Colm Meany - the two finest actors ever to
wear the pajamas"mute

Sorry, neither of those fine actors are on this

The two I was talking about are both
one-timers. Stephen Collins, who portrayed
Commander Decker in ST:TMP is "Reverend
Camden" on 7THH, and Catherine Hicks, who
played Dr. Gillian Taylor in STIV:TVH is his
wife, "Annie" on the show.

They're both decent actors I suppose. It's not
their fault the show is what it is. Blame Aaron
Spelling and his crack(pot?) team of writers.
And Star Trek: The Motion PIcture certainly
can't be blamed on Stephen Collins. Nope,
put the blame where it belongs, squarely on
the shoulders of people like Persis
Khambatta and William Shatner...

Gri"Can you tell when I'm serious and when
I'm not?"shny

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