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Re: Kraft Dinner
Posted By: wintermute, on host
Date: Monday, October 1, 2001, at 01:36:53
In Reply To: Re: Kraft Dinner posted by Don the Monkeyman on Sunday, September 30, 2001, at 23:48:09:

> > Just recently having moved to Minnesota, I
> > also just recently learned the term "Kraft
> > Dinner". Where are you guys? One of my
> > friends here thought it was a Canadian term,
> > and another said she'd heard of it in Iowa
> >
> > All I know is, I never heard it in Indiana.
> >
> > Luisa
> I'm Canadian, and I have grown up with the term. Grishny also seems to be familiar with it, though, and he is from Ohio. At least, I hope I'm remembering correctly, and he is, because I'll feel pretty silly if he isn't.
> Don "Also, it is the name on the box up here--not like it is a locally invented term or anything" Monkey

Kraft don't sell anything under that brand in Britain (or if they do, I've not noticed) (but they do market other brands they own, such as Philadelphia), but the vast amout of US media we recieve makes the term fairly well known. The company is based in Illinois (sp?), according to their website.

winter"OK, so I'm a little bored"mute

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