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Re: Who
Posted By: wintermute, on host
Date: Monday, October 1, 2001, at 06:29:55
In Reply To: Re: Who posted by Grishny on Monday, October 1, 2001, at 06:17:40:

> > You see what you miss out on, just by being
> American? I mean, hiding behind the settee
> during Dr Who was a national institution over
> here.
> Well, for me it was leaving the room whenever
> David Banner started to hulk out. See what you
> miss out on by being a Brit?

Heh. We had The Hulk over here when I was a kid, including all the cheesy films that I still love to watch for comedy value when they get re-shown (The Hulk vs Thor, anyone?).

> > The only time the Daleks conquered the
> world (in 2150), they could only do it by turning
> people into Robomen. The Robomen (as I
> recall) had two jobs to do: Dig a needlessly
> big hole in Wiltshire (if anyone remembers
> why, please tell me), and kill any rebel
> humans who had been unsporting enough to
> hide down a flight of stairs.
> True, true. But the Daleks did overcome that
> fatal weakness once special FX were
> advanced enough. :o)
> For example, in the Dr. Who movie starring
> Peter Cushing, the Daleks got to fly around
> on...well...flying disk thingies. And by the time
> Sylvester McCoy was the Doctor, the Daleks
> all had personal anti-gravity devices installed
> allowing them to navigate stairs.

Yeah... But that was ridiculous as well. I mean, floating Daleks? I couldn't help but laugh when I first saw that. Hardly frightening.

> > And that was the main reason I was never
> frightened of Daleks - if they did invade you
> could escape from just by going upstairs. The
> Cybermen, with their 733t bipedal-ness could
> get you anywhere.
> Yeah. Plus, they didn't want to simply
> "EXTERMINATE" you outright like the Daleks,
> but rather wanted to turn you into one of them.
> Kind of like the Borg from Star Trek. So THAT's
> where the "assimilation" idea came from!
> > winter"And besides, did you ever see a
> Dalek outside of his suit? How can you be
> frightened of *that*?"mute
> I think disgust is the more appropriate
> reaction.

Or even pity.

> Gri"but you gotta admit, that Davros guy is
> pretty scary lookin'"shny

Yeah, scary *looking*. But once you realise that he can only move one finger, and his chair can be switched off by a control he can't reach... Well, if I was Dr Who, I'd have just laughed in his face. Actually, he did a couple of times.

winter"For scary and evil individuals in Dr Who, you gotta be talking about the Master"mute

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