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Re: Who
Posted By: Grishny, on host
Date: Monday, October 1, 2001, at 06:17:40
In Reply To: Re: Who posted by wintermute on Monday, October 1, 2001, at 06:08:50:

> You see what you miss out on, just by being
American? I mean, hiding behind the settee
during Dr Who was a national institution over

Well, for me it was leaving the room whenever
David Banner started to hulk out. See what you
miss out on by being a Brit?

> The only time the Daleks conquered the
world (in 2150), they could only do it by turning
people into Robomen. The Robomen (as I
recall) had two jobs to do: Dig a needlessly
big hole in Wiltshire (if anyone remembers
why, please tell me), and kill any rebel
humans who had been unsporting enough to
hide down a flight of stairs.

True, true. But the Daleks did overcome that
fatal weakness once special FX were
advanced enough. :o)

For example, in the Dr. Who movie starring
Peter Cushing, the Daleks got to fly around
on...well...flying disk thingies. And by the time
Sylvester McCoy was the Doctor, the Daleks
all had personal anti-gravity devices installed
allowing them to navigate stairs.

> And that was the main reason I was never
frightened of Daleks - if they did invade you
could escape from just by going upstairs. The
Cybermen, with their 733t bipedal-ness could
get you anywhere.

Yeah. Plus, they didn't want to simply
"EXTERMINATE" you outright like the Daleks,
but rather wanted to turn you into one of them.
Kind of like the Borg from Star Trek. So THAT's
where the "assimilation" idea came from!

> winter"And besides, did you ever see a
Dalek outside of his suit? How can you be
frightened of *that*?"mute

I think disgust is the more appropriate

Gri"but you gotta admit, that Davros guy is
pretty scary lookin'"shny

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