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GOA secret area
Posted By: knivetsil, on host
Date: Wednesday, August 7, 2002, at 15:03:57

I know that most people are very tired of hearing about the secret area, but I just had some sort of mental breakthrough while I was flipping through the posts about it. I do not want hints as to where it is, nor am I even playing GOA right now, noe do I plan to for some time. I am simply putting forth my ideas beacuse I am just that kind of person. OK, that's my little schpiel as to why I'm posting this message. If you still want to hear what I have to say, read on:

From what I have gathered at the posts, the secret area is either in the gemstone room or the chasm. My gut instinct is that it is in the gemstone room, but after further analysis, I have concluded that it is more likely in the chasm. As stated in a previous post, the anagram that gremlinn found is GEE FATHOM SAGE. This anagram is probably what led people to believe it is in one of the two above locations in the first place. But the word FATHOM seems to have been neglected by most. This word seems to fit with the chasm more than it does with the gem room. Furthermore, the chasm seems a much more logical place for the secret area to be in than the gem room. My theory is, the repeated action is to descend the chasm, and the final action is to toss your gemstones. My reason for thinking this is that maybe one of the times you made your way partially down the chasm, you touched something or changed something down there. When you toss your gemstone down, it hits something and causes something to happen, revealing the secret area. On the other hand, there is no logical sequence of events as to why the secret area should be in the gem room. All this is why I believe the secret area is in the chasm.

Of course, I have never gotten to the secret area, nor am I currently playing GOA, so I have no way of proving my theory. I know this post was extremely annoying for those who have had enough of the secret area, but like I said, I just felt like putting forth my ideas.

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