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Re: GOA secret area
Posted By: knivetsil, on host
Date: Friday, August 23, 2002, at 06:08:22
In Reply To: Re: GOA secret area posted by mandichaos on Friday, August 23, 2002, at 05:42:24:

> > I just came up to something...
> >
> > If you said I need to have access to Llagimlyn... Well, that means the secret area is NOT in the chasm, the gem room or the sage room. So it must be in the endless tunnel (which has just two options, already clicked 3 o 4 million times) or the Gwuils building (same about it). And you also said we've suspected this place all along, so it must be one of those and not some place into Llagimlyn, and "the omega shaft" clearly points to the endless tunnel, AND as I have tried everything there, it means the secret area isn't there, and no one has found it. Probably all of you are the same person, who made all this games and writes all the forum just to make fun of me....
> >
> > Well, maybe I'm just being a little paranoid, and I've just been close, but not close enough.
> >
> > Or maybe I died long ago and this is hell?
> >
> > Who knows. I'll keep searching.
> You're on the right track. You've got to keep going about six or seven times before taking a look around. Or maybe ten - I'm not sure.

It's more than that, but not by *too* much.
> I myself found the area, left, and tried to come back to it and couldn't get back in. I managed to find it again eventually; it's a bit difficult to know when to stop being repetitive.

That's why I memorized the number before I left, in case I wanted to see it again, which is unlikely since school's starting and I probably won't have time for GOA anymore, when there will probably be some new games released within the school year (the ones before SOAT).

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