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Re: GOA secret area
Posted By: mandichaos, on host
Date: Thursday, August 8, 2002, at 12:43:30
In Reply To: Re: GOA secret area posted by knivetsil on Thursday, August 8, 2002, at 11:56:56:

> > Heh, I found it. That wasn't so much a hint as
> > blatantly telling me where it was, but thanks.

After the agonizing over the anagram, I didn't have the heart to be cryptic. Besides, when I stumbled over it by accident, I thought it was a glitch when I couldn't get back in and had that same hint handed to me. :)

> > To people who haven't found it yet: forget
> > about gems, the sage, the "omega shaft," and
> > anagrams, and just SEARCH. You've
> > probably suspected this place all along, just
> > were never persistent enough.
> How persistent? Can I have an exact number of the times I need to do the repeated action? Or is there just a minimum amount? If I go over the amount, will it still work?

Exact number? Err.... don't remember if there is one, but if you hit 20 times, I think you've overshot.

I'm not saying any more, 'cause you're gonna smack yourself when you find it. I know I did.

> > To people who HAVE found it by themselves,
> > and not because of a blatantly obvious hint, all
> > I have to say to you is "DOG!"


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