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Re: GOA secret area
Posted By: knivetsil, on host
Date: Thursday, August 22, 2002, at 06:15:02
In Reply To: Re: GOA secret area posted by Shuntya on Thursday, August 22, 2002, at 03:47:55:

> > > Just stop relying on hints, and do things over
> > > and over again. By now, you should know that
> > > that brings results, even though it might seem
> > > not to. Besides, there really aren't that many
> > > suspicious areas in the game (I always
> > > suspected 4 different rooms, and it was
> > > indeed one of those 4-- I got confused trying
> > > to find an anagram that ended up not helping
> > > me at all, and had I not been scouring the hint
> > > boards vainly searching for an answer, I'd
> > > probably have found it)
> >
> > WHOA, HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! I found it! Thanks a bunch, and I apologize for all the mindless, stubborn speculations that I've been torturing you all with.
> Ok, so it seems I'm the LAST one who haven't found it.
> Well, I'll keep trying for the rest of my life, until I find it...
> I have finished the game three times, and I've tried a thousand times descending the chasm, the endless tunnel, I've kicked and moved the gems another thousand times, I've talked and listened to the gwuils until my fingers begun turning red... oh well, I must have been close.
> Wish me luck.

Good luck, and I mean it. Oh, and a little piece of advice: The repeated action isn't repeated SO much as it would seem like a thousand times. It would just seem like quite a lot.

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