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Re: GOA secret area
Posted By: vincentdeboule, on host
Date: Wednesday, August 7, 2002, at 16:33:43
In Reply To: Re: GOA secret area posted by knivetsil on Wednesday, August 7, 2002, at 15:53:16:

Argh, haven't found anything. Although I just
now noticed that there seems to be no limit to
the amount of black gemstones you can carry
around. I dropped 42 black gemstones down
the chasm, and nothing happened, so I think I
might be a little off-track. Also, GEE FATHOM
SAGE doesn't make any sense. A GEM OF
THE SAGE is the only anagram you can get
that still makes sense. This is driving me
nuts. I can't help but think I'm so close, just
barely missing it.

For some reason, I seem to have no trouble
figuring out really complex stuff (I figured out
how to get the portrait by myself, with very little
trouble, figured it out even before I was
supposed to get it), yet I get stuck on stuff
that's blatantly obvious (On my first
playthrough, I was lost for days because I
never found the diving mask, and I later
stopped playing after days of wandering
around, when all I had to do was go back to
the tavern and talk to Garandel). I don't even
wanna talk about the cat in FQ...

I'd like it if someone who has found the secret
area would be kind enough to e-mail me a
hint to get me on the right track (not the
answer), but I'm still ticked off. I've found out
everything up to this point with no hints (I
asked for a hint a while back, then
immediately afterward found out what I was
supposed to do, checking back at my
message, nobody gave me the right answer

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