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To Punk Rawker
Posted By: Brunnen-G, on host
Date: Sunday, September 16, 2001, at 03:00:21

I left chat for other reasons shortly after banning Punk Rawker, and didn't intend to be back online until late tomorrow. However, I find that this incident preys on my mind enough that I need to say some things about it: first, because PR stated an intention to do something which will harm innocent people, and I need to know I tried to change his mind. Second, because of the larger context. I'm afraid that this attitude will be increasingly seen in the coming weeks and it isn't going to lead to anything good.

Punk Rawker, you've been around Rinkchat long enough to know that even under normal circumstances any op or admin would have banned you for the racist slur which you used repeatedly in chat. That, however, is a side issue.

I wonder if you have thought about the implications of your "patriotism". You think patriotism means the deliberate harassment of innocent people in your hometown, who had no more to do with the terrorist attack than YOU did. Presumably you think this is justified because they are, in broad terms, the same religion as those responsible.

Your "patriotism" is one and the same with the patriotism of the Taleban, the patriotism of Osama Bin Laden, the patriotism of all those who commit atrocities against the innocent in the name of hatred. By targeting the innocent in retaliation for the deeds of others, you ally yourself with the terrorists. If you think you have a right to do this, why shouldn't they have the same right?

Every time you persecute an innocent Muslim, you show the world that you approve of the deeds of the terrorists, who attack and kill those who have never been their enemies.

Every time you persecute an innocent Muslim, you are spitting on the still-undug graves of those who died on Tuesday.

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