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Re: To Punk Rawker
Posted By: wintermute, on host
Date: Monday, September 17, 2001, at 03:16:40
In Reply To: Re: To Punk Rawker posted by Mike Wolfanger on Sunday, September 16, 2001, at 18:20:30:

> A comment that can be considered racist is one that is applied to an entire race and is meant to be offensive. If you call your neighbor bald, you can hardly be considered racist. Same way if I call the people who actively participate in Rink Chat "Rinky-dinks." What I said can only be applied to those with an cranium wrapped in fabric, and not the entire Arab race or Muslim religion.

I will confess to not having been present during this altercation so I don't know much about that you said, but it sounds like you mean that while it wouldn't be fair to blame all Arabs, or all Muslims, it's perfectly fair to blame all turban-wearers. Please tell me I got that wrong.

> As you live no place near my hometown and know nothing of the story behind the owners of the restuarant, I am unable to take you seriously on your comment about the "innocence" of these individuals.

Do you have any thing serious to say about their innocence, or lack thereof? If so (as BG has already said), talk to the authorities rather than just intimidating and insulting them.

I mean, if you really think that they had ANY involvement AT ALL (no matter how peripherial), does throwing a few insults and putting them a few dollars out of pocket count as a fair punishment?

> I apologize for those who I offended last night, I now know that you're mind is prey to the stereotypical image of the Arabic people.

The stereotypical image of Arabs as average, law-abiding people who are no more likely to engage in mass murder than people of any other race, you mean? I must confess, I've fallen prey to that one too. We really should get back to your (undoubtably true) belief that they are all terrorists and murderers. Only then will hatred and prejudice end.

winter"Spot the sarcasm"mute