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Re: To Punk Rawker
Posted By: Faux Pas, on host
Date: Sunday, September 16, 2001, at 19:22:41
In Reply To: Re: To Punk Rawker posted by Mike Wolfanger on Sunday, September 16, 2001, at 18:20:30:

> The phrase I used is not a racial slur, and was an accurate description of the owners of the establishment. They are Arabic, as for what religion they are, I do not know. They do walk around with a cloth garment wrapped around their head, hence the name I gave them.

It sounds like you called them "towelheads", which is a racist slur. From what Brunnen-G reported, it sounded like you knew you were using that term the exact way it was meant to be used.

> As you live no place near my hometown and know nothing of the story behind the owners of the restuarant, I am unable to take you seriously on your comment about the "innocence" of these individuals.

She didn't say anything about these specific people. She stated:

"Every time you persecute an innocent Muslim, you show the world that you approve of the deeds of the terrorists, who attack and kill those who have never been their enemies.

Every time you persecute an innocent Muslim, you are spitting on the still-undug graves of those who died on Tuesday."

So you're certain that these restauranteers have something to do with terrorist activities in the United States?

Was your choice of the place you were going to simply wave your American flag in front of based solely on the fact these people are of Arabic descent?

Is it possible that the actions you mentioned in chat could be construed as inciting a riot?

> If you wish to discuss this further, contact me through AIM, my name is lapunker007. I will participate in no further discussion here.

Why? You started a discussion in a public forum, you responded to it in a public forum.