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Re: To Punk Rawker
Posted By: Brunnen-G, on host
Date: Sunday, September 16, 2001, at 19:46:05
In Reply To: Re: To Punk Rawker posted by Mike Wolfanger on Sunday, September 16, 2001, at 18:20:30:

I have no intention of getting embroiled in a private email war with you over this idiocy. You made your statements in a public chatroom. If you think I misunderstood you, tough. It looks like everybody else in the chatroom "misunderstood" you too, sufficiently that one person was left "trembling" and most others furiously told you to shut up before I kicked and then banned you.

> I never said anything about performing an act of terrorism, unless you count waving an American flag as terrorist activity.

I never said you planned to perform an act of terrorism. You said you planned to go to a local fast-food restaurant owned by "towelheads", waving an American flag, order tons of food, and then drive off without paying after they'd spent lots of time preparing it. If you consider "towelheads" to be a descriptive term and not a racial slur, I suggest you take a few night classes in English as a Second Language.

> As you live no place near my hometown and know nothing of the story behind the owners of the restuarant, I am unable to take you seriously on your comment about the "innocence" of these individuals.

You're right about that. I take it, however, that you don't believe the owner of your local restaurant nipped off to New York in his lunch hour, hijacked a plane, somehow survived the resulting events, and got home in time to dish up the next order of fries? If so, you should be contacting the FBI. They'd be interested.

I don't care what else you think these guys are guilty of. If they're guilty of anything, tell the police. Tell the FBI. Tell somebody who gives a crap. Don't come into Rinkchat and tell us how you're going to cruise in and harass them for their ethnicity or religion. That's the only thing you ever mentioned that's actually illegal, you know.

> I apologize for those who I offended last night, I now know that you'remind is prey to the stereotypical image of the Arabic people.

Thanks for the apology. My mind is prey to a great many things but being called racist by you isn't one of them.

Brunnen-"subject closed, as far as I'm concerned"G