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Ma and Pa Kettle Go To Town (1950)



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Ma and Pa Kettle Go To Town is only the second or third entry in the series, depending on how you count, and already missing is the humor stemming from who the Kettles are (in favor of more conventional situational humor). One of the best scenes from the previous film was a simple one in which Ma and Pa have a conversation about washing underwear and fixing up the house.

But that's all that's lacking in Ma and Pa Kettle Go To Town, and perhaps it's not so much of a problem after all. In all other ways, this movie excels. There's more to laugh at, even if it's more conspicuous that the writers were trying for jokes, and putting Ma and Pa smack into New York City makes for more comic, fish-out-of-water possibilities than the occasionally gimmicky efforts from the previous film.

As was usual for zany comedies of the time, yet which is looked upon now as a mistake, there is a sappy romantic subplot involving the eldest of Ma and Pa Kettle's fifteen children. Neither he nor his bride add any dimension at all to the movie, but this time they spend less time in their pointless subplot and more time keeping the stuff we care about moving.

Ma and Pa Kettle Go To Town is a wonderful representative of the series. It's funny, endearing, and serves as a reminder of how much rewarding a good old fashion "fun" movie can be.

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