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Join Sinbad and his merry men as they embark on a dubiously-conceived quest to foil a dubiously-conceived but probably evil plot by the evil vizier Jaffar! Sinbad Comic is a screen-cap comic based on the incredible, incomparable, and inexplicable 1989 Lou Ferrigno film, Sinbad of the Seven Seas.

Sinbad Comic has a new strip every Monday and Thursday.

Episode 89: Kiss For Your Lives!, By Sam, 9/9/2010     [ Jump To Comments ]

Episode 89: Kiss For Your Lives!
Episode 88: The Many Laws of the Land
Episode 90: Gymnastics Exhibition, Part 1
Comments  (4)
From: 10Kan
Date: Tue, 9/14/2010, 12:43:31
Oh my gosh this is hilarious. Some of your best comics are when you're taking these big liberties with the images and material.
From: The_Scotsman
Date: Mon, 9/13/2010, 22:50:16
For some strange reason, I think "Sheena" and Strong Bad would make a great couple. I can *SO* see Strong Bad duplicating this bit on that other entertainment site that shall not be named... With women, of course. Named Ali and Ali's Sister. :)
From: Monkeyman
Date: Thu, 9/9/2010, 22:10:17
That was thoroughly entertaining. :-)
From: LaZorra
Date: Thu, 9/9/2010, 16:41:17
Best. Paper dolls. EVAR.
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