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Join Sinbad and his merry men as they embark on a dubiously-conceived quest to foil a dubiously-conceived but probably evil plot by the evil vizier Jaffar! Sinbad Comic is a screen-cap comic based on the incredible, incomparable, and inexplicable 1989 Lou Ferrigno film, Sinbad of the Seven Seas.

Sinbad Comic has a new strip every Monday and Thursday.

Episode 158: Introductions, By Sam, 8/16/2018     [ Jump To Comments ]

Episode 158: Introductions
Episode 157: Oh No, We're Alive!
Episode 159: The Bald Cook Makes His Move
Comments  (1)
From: Sam
Date: Thu, 8/16/2018, 17:07:00
Goosey: WHAT *clicky*
TalkingDog: Doesn't "soldier of fortune" mean mercenary? Does Sinbad pay him?
Goosey: :-.
Goosey: That last panel explains SO MUCH
TalkingDog: My favorite part is the bit about the bald cook. Or is his name Bald Cook? There are things I do not know.
Goosey: "oh he's bald now"
Goosey: nominative determinism
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