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Posted By: Ellmyruh, on host
Date: Wednesday, September 26, 2001, at 15:35:37

The reality of a possible war got a bit more real
for me today. The print version of our newspaper
comes out on Wednesdays, and a front page article
began like this:

"Her bags are packed and sitting by the door.
Every time the phone rings she wonders if it will
be the call she expects but hopes doesn't come.
Every appointment is tentative. After Narrmayet
Taonus heard of President George Bush's call up of
35,000 reserves, phrases like 'see you soon'
aren't as certain any more."

The article (linked below) goes on to tell about
this 24-year-old student, who is also an employee
of mine, as she's a photographer for the

Today, the day the article was published, she was
called up. She has 48 hours to do things like
tell us that she won't be around to take photos
anymore, tell friends and family, and withdraw
from school.

I thought the events of Sept. 11 had hit close
enough, but now it's gotten even closer.


Link: One student prepares to be called on

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