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Duty/Hitting Close To Home
Posted By: Mousie, on host
Date: Thursday, September 27, 2001, at 09:34:59
In Reply To: Re: Duty posted by Howard on Wednesday, September 26, 2001, at 18:11:55:

> > The reality of a possible war got a bit more real
> > for me today.
> > I thought the events of Sept. 11 had hit close
> > enough, but now it's gotten even closer.
> >
> > Ellmyruh
> > ---
> How's this for close. I was talking to my daughter a couple of days ago and she told me about her friend who was on flight 93. She was the mother of an infant and a toddler. Then she mentioned the first officer on the same flight. Said she used to kid him a lot.
> In this kind of war, we're all soldiers.
> Howard

Many of you know I work for one of the major studios in Los Angeles. Last Thursday, the CEO of our company called my boss into a meeting of our top executives to discuss enhanced security measures which would be taken from that point forward. Now, every morning when I come into work, my car is searched. I have to enter through one of only three open entrances to the studio; four are closed. I have to wear an ID badge around my neck while I am on the property. No outsiders are allowed on the lot for show tapings (including audiences), studio tours, etc.

All of this is because the government of an unidentified foreign country notified our FBI that a threat, at that time uncorroborated, had been made against an unnamed studio. The threat has since been corroborated and more defined: if the U.S. takes any military action in Afghanistan, the retaliation will be directed at at least one of the studios. Mine is about equidistant from Disney and Universal, that distance being less than a mile. My office is in the same building as the CEO.

So, yeah. I kinda know what you mean by hitting close to home.

Mousie, but not fwightened.