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Re: What's with all the gas grills?
Posted By: Mousie, on host
Date: Thursday, July 6, 2000, at 09:02:52
In Reply To: What's with all the gas grills? posted by Faux Pas on Tuesday, July 4, 2000, at 20:16:47:

> Geez, everyone's got a gas grill. Charcoal is definately the way to go. Try throwing some mesquite or a dead rosemary branch on a gas grill to get some flavor going (or flavour for our non-American grillers). Can you do it? No! You might as well be using an electric grill.
> And of course there's always the possibility of accidentally blowing yourself up using a gas grill. Oooo, can't wait to fire up that baby.
> Assembly time? Charcoal grill - under ten minutes, very little chance of killing one self. Gas grill - it appears to be over three hours with a slight chance of dying from a sudden explosion. Don't believe me? You been to Boulder recently?
> There's your reader poll for ya. Grilling: charcoal, gas, or electric?
> -Faux "ha!" Pas

All I have to say is I'm a chick, and my neighbor and best friend and I went in on a gas grill together last summer and haven't stopped using it yet. We're good at it! I can make an entire meal: steak, potatoes -- twice baked!, steamed veggies, garlic bread, and mushrooms for the steak, and have it all come out hot and ready at the same time. Gas grills rule. And chicks can do it without a guy's help.

Mou"of course, we paid the $20 to have the store assemble it, but only because we'd just had our nails done. And aNOTHER thing: why do we assume that because men are men they have some gene that makes them inherently able cook on a grill? It's much more difficult than a stove, and we don't leave THAT to them just because it makes them feel macho"sie

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