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Re: What's with all the gas grills?
Posted By: Jimmy Of York, on host
Date: Thursday, July 6, 2000, at 11:26:10
In Reply To: Re: What's with all the gas grills? posted by Sam on Thursday, July 6, 2000, at 09:48:02:

> > Four words: Men like to barbecue. Guys will do anything if danger is involved.
> You're probably right in some cases. Other guys like to grill because it's outdoor work, and somehow, right or wrong, "outdoor work" became a guy thing in western civilization. But speaking for myself, the reason I like to cook on my gas grill is that there's nothing cooler than big hunks of meat sizzling in an open flame. Little makes me drool more than walking through the food cart section of a fair and seeing somebody set up with entire sides of beef rotating on a spit above an open fire. My favorite thing to cook on my grill is that kielbasa-like smoked sausage stuff (the only kind of sausage I particularly like -- don't get me *near* Italian sausage, thank you), because it's so juicy inside. You cut a bunch of slits in the thing, and then, once it's been heating up a while, you can grab it with the tongs, bang it against the grill, and little droplets of grease cause foot-high flames to go shooting up above the grate. The effect isn't the same with a charcoal grill, and I'm not sold on the "more work so it's more macho" thing at ALL. But meat rules, and fire rules, and that's why cooking on an outdoor gas grill rules absolutely. Oh yeah, and meat truly does taste better when cooked on a grill anyway.
> I'm not so sure I'd take to cooking non-meat on the grill -- except for warming up buttered hamburger buns, which are ultimately used in the service of meat anyway.

Everything tastes better cooked on a grill.
Fire is the only way to cook stuff. No wimpy micro waves, hot peices of metal, or boiling water for me.

Jimmy O"makes hotdogs almost edible!"f York