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Road To Bali (1952)



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This next-to-last Road picture was the first one to feature cameos by stars of the day as gags. Road To Hong Kong did it less effectively ten years later, but this one has some classic moments. The problem is that nearly every other review or write-up of this film (including the blurbs on most video boxes) give the identities of the cameos away, spoiling the funniest moments. So if you don't know, don't read any other reviews before seeing the movie!

The other noteworthy item about this particular Road flick is that it was the only one filmed in color. It was a good decision. With it, the colorful, exotic Bali is brought vibrant, comic life.

The story is the standard Road stuff. Hope and Crosby get a job to recover underwater treasure and bump into Dorothy Lamour, who knows about a plot to kill them.

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