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A Python-Based Smash Development Interpreter

By Andrew Walters

Rex is a Smash interpreter designed to be a development tool for those interested in writing Smash games. It has been tested on Windows and UNIX/Linux. Theoretically, it will also work on a Mac, but it has not been tested on one.

Unless you download the standalone Windows version below, Rex requires Python 2.3 and wxPython 2.4 to be installed. Other versions of Python and wxPython may work, but they have not been tested. You can download both Python and wxPython for free:

Rex has been released under the GNU Public License. If you have any questions about what this license permits or prohibits you to do with the program, visit the GNU Public License FAQ. In a nutshell, you can make modifications to the software, but if you make the program available to anyone, you must also distribute (freely) the source code of the modified version under the GNU Public License. This modified version must have your name on it, to distinguish it from the "official" distribution of Rex, while preserving the copyright notices from the original code.

You can test Rex by downloading The Trainer as a sample game: