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A Language For Writing Adventure Games

Smash is a language designed for writing adventure games (interactive fiction), although it can be used to write other types of single-player, turn-based games as well. It is platform-independent and interface-independent; the same Smash code that runs on a web-based Smash engine for UNIX will also run on a GUI-based client for Windows, etc.

Smash Information

  • Smash Tutorial - This tutorial teaches how to write a game in the Smash language and provides tips and rules for developing games for the Adventure Games Live collection of Smash games.
  • Smash: New Language Features - This page gives a brief overview of new features added to the Smash language.
  • Rex, a Smash Interpreter - This document describes Rex, an open source Smash interpreter for developers. Download links and installation instructions are provided here.

Porting Old Games

  • Porting From AGLL - This document briefly describes what needs to be changed in an existing AGLL game to get it to run as a Smash game. (If you don't know what AGLL is, you won't ever need to use this section. It is only for people who wrote games prior to the creation of Smash.)