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Re: Weird Movies
Posted By: Morris Cecil Glalet, Th.D., on host
Date: Tuesday, October 26, 1999, at 17:13:44
In Reply To: Re: Weird Movies posted by Stephen on Tuesday, October 26, 1999, at 16:31:41:

> > >I'm confused too. It feels like you're complaining about the strangeness of movies, and yet you're happy? Maybe what I said earlier was off, then. . . please forgive me, I'm in a bad mood (too much theater in too short a time period with too many people who don't know anything.)
> > >
> > > Luisa
> >
> > I think Stephen's point was just the fact that so many "weird" movies are coming out at the same time. I don't think he was upset by it, just merely pointing it out.
> >
> > Kel"or am I second guessing the Supreme Dictator"ly
> Nope, you're right on the money. I love weird movies (though not movies that are weird just for being weird) but I'm trying to figure out why so many lately. Overall, I must say I'm rather happy with the quality of movies I've seen lately. If nothing else, every film I mentioned offered something to think about. And all were enjoyable to watch.
> Stephen

I've always liked weird movies, too (except the ones that don't really have a point or a plot, like "2001" [that had no plot, or it had two plots, or it had twelve plots, but it didn't have on], and the ones that are just there for special effects purposes [like "2001"]), and I'm actually writing one right now (yes, I write movies, and books, and songs, and TV shows, although none of them have been publicly [or privately] released) that is about this kid who is afraid of going into circuses. He's fine watching shows or movies or reading books about circuses, but actually being inside a circus tent scares the fudge out of him. So, he goes to bed one night, and space rips, and a hand pulls him through the tear, and when he wakes up, he is in a circus with no exit, and everyone tries to kill him, except for the clowns, who try to help him, but the evil ringmaster kills them, and then they keep trying to kill him, and they torture him and stuff, but he finally gets away by taking the Wheel Of Death (the actual name of a thing at a circus I went to once---I don't remember what it did) and rolling out of there, and he thinks everything is wonderful, but then he finds out that he is in a big, evil building in an alternate dimension with no way out and he's trapped there forever and all is not well the end. It's going to be way swell. No sneaky stealing my idea now.

-Morris Cecil "I apologize (for the parentheses [and the brackets]that I used [in this post])" Glalet, Th.D.
Tue 26 Oct A.D. 1999

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