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Re: The Avengers
Posted By: Sam, on host
Date: Monday, August 31, 1998, at 07:09:49
In Reply To: The Avengers posted by Sam on Monday, August 24, 1998, at 12:02:51:

Well, I saw "The Avengers" yesterday.
Surprisingly, it really isn't as bad as all that.
But it's not so hot, either. The story is pretty
shallow, and the characters -- while near perfect
recreations of their look and peculiar class --
don't have any substance to them.

However, I think the other half of the reason
people don't like it is that it's VERY faithful,
to the point of looking odd in the nineties. I
even read one critic say that this material might
have been good in the sixties but not now. I don't
understand or accept that kind of criticism. If
it was good at any time, it's good, and it's up
to the audience to meet the film on its own terms.

So while it's not a great movie, it's not wholly
bad either -- it just doesn't relate well to a
nineties audience, especially not one familiar with
the show.

My review on the At-A-Glance Film Reviews page is forthcoming.