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The Avengers
Posted By: Sam, on host
Date: Monday, August 24, 1998, at 12:02:51

I'm disappointed in "The Avengers," and I haven't
even seen it yet. The buzz is just deplorable.
The movie wasn't screened for critics, which is
the first and strongest piece of evidence that
the movie is a real turkey. It opened last
weekend at ten something million and dropped a
whopping 65% to three something million (ranking
it at 11th place) in its second weekend --
another sign the movie is bad. Third, every
review I've read so far trashes it thoroughly.

I'm extremely disappointed. The original TV show
was one of the wittiest, most clever, most
creative shows of its kind, and had a unique
and alluring production design. The movie comes
along with what seemed to be perfect casting and
a promising trailer, and it's THAT bad? I just
don't get it.

Is anybody else disappointed? Has anybody here
seen it? Awaiting your comments...

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