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Re: RinkWorks Contest #2
Posted By: Chris, on host
Date: Wednesday, September 22, 1999, at 21:57:42
In Reply To: Re: RinkWorks Contest #2 posted by Darien on Wednesday, September 22, 1999, at 21:20:12:

> > > Well! I'm not your first choice, but you'll take me if nothing else works out? How desperate do you think I am? Besides, I'm still waiting on Chris' ring size...
> >
> > I'm sorry, I don't know. But, hey, once it's I'm of legal age, if neither of us has any conflicting plans, I'm game! [Hey, Sam, would Kissypook count as one of those horrid pet names you talked about in How to be Romantic, or do I have to make it up myself?]
> Oh, trust me, I *won't* have any conflicting plans. And "Kissypook" may not count as a pet name, but I bet "Chrissypook" does - more so because it's a play on your name anyhow. My first thought was "Chrelch," so it's a good thing I read that feature. Otherwise, I'd have made a greivous error. ;-}

I could get used to Chrissypook, I think, in time. Chrelch? maybe as an inside joke, but I've learned to answer to many odd things. I was Leeky Faucet [no kidding] for quite a while.

> > > > fam "I'm as serious as Sam is." ous
> > >
> > > Dar "I'm less serious than both of you put together" ien
> >
> > Chr"less than cancer, more than a cold"is
> Dar "Exactly a cancer" ien

Chr"but I don't think I sound like a 'Dreamweaver'"is