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Re: RinkWorks Contest #2
Posted By: Darien, on host
Date: Wednesday, September 22, 1999, at 21:20:12
In Reply To: Re: RinkWorks Contest #2 posted by Chris on Wednesday, September 22, 1999, at 21:07:08:

> > > You're on...Ok, who wants to get hitched? Jommeke you are my first choice, since Sam mentioned you. But if you are unwilling (and mostly because you are in Belgium, while I'm in Ohio) then I'll accept anyone's proposal...That is, if it's good. Just think, we'll already have our first wedding present, a lovely bathtub mat from RinkWorks! How exciting! :)
> >
> > Well! I'm not your first choice, but you'll take me if nothing else works out? How desperate do you think I am? Besides, I'm still waiting on Chris' ring size...
> I'm sorry, I don't know. But, hey, once it's I'm of legal age, if neither of us has any conflicting plans, I'm game! [Hey, Sam, would Kissypook count as one of those horrid pet names you talked about in How to be Romantic, or do I have to make it up myself?]

Oh, trust me, I *won't* have any conflicting plans. And "Kissypook" may not count as a pet name, but I bet "Chrissypook" does - more so because it's a play on your name anyhow. My first thought was "Chrelch," so it's a good thing I read that feature. Otherwise, I'd have made a greivous error. ;-}

> > > fam "I'm as serious as Sam is." ous
> >
> > Dar "I'm less serious than both of you put together" ien
> Chr"less than cancer, more than a cold"is

Dar "Exactly a cancer" ien

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