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Re: Faire-ly Fun Adventures with Sosiqui!
Posted By: Issachar, on host
Date: Monday, October 1, 2001, at 16:06:42
In Reply To: Faire-ly Fun Adventures with Sosiqui! posted by Sosiqui on Saturday, September 29, 2001, at 20:31:26:

> At one point, a woman walked up to Elly and I and said "Showing your naked knees (Elly) and ankles (me, my skirt wasn't quite that long) in public! The indecency!" and walked off. That was rather odd, but pretty funny.

They hold an annual "Renaissance Fair" on the state fairgrounds (five minutes away from our apartment, w00t), too. Jacqueline and I went to it last year and were severely disappointed to find that it was essentially a hangout for people into the "Goth" look. Except for the dependable attendance of the duellists from the SCA, it was a lousy excuse for a Renaissance fair. Even the jousting, such as it was, was not 733t.

Iss " 'Roustabouts like us joust when we bust, with percussion usherin' in the presence of cavalry' --Redbonz" achar

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