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Faire-ly Fun Adventures with Sosiqui!
Posted By: Sosiqui, on host
Date: Saturday, September 29, 2001, at 20:31:26

Well, for those of you who don't know, today I met with Maryam(/Ayako) and Ellmyruh, for the second time. This time, the venue was a bit different - the Renaissance Faire!

I arrived in costume... sort of. (Pix0rz are forthcoming, by the way.) Maryam was fully decked out in a ruling outfit. I met up with them - and Maryam's sister - and we set off to explore. It was COOL... there were a lot of people in costume, and tons of activities, games, shops, food... just very, very neat. Most of the food and stuff to buy was period. Seeing all the costumed people, the scenery, everything... it was a lot like being in some medieval epic movie. People spoke in more archaic language (thees and thous and such), and it was in general quite cool. Some memorable highlights...

As we walked in, a man in costume - with a long stick with stuffed rats hanging from it - advised us that "A rat-free home is a plague-free home." Thanks.

At one point, a woman walked up to Elly and I and said "Showing your naked knees (Elly) and ankles (me, my skirt wasn't quite that long) in public! The indecency!" and walked off. That was rather odd, but pretty funny.

We also saw two costumed guys, carrying ale tankards, staggering around leaning on each other, yelling loudly, "Ale! We need ale! Alcohol levels dropping! We haven't had ale for five, maybe six minutes now!" Amusing. ;)

Maryam played a game where you had to fling very sharp axes at a target. She was armed and extremely dangerous, and slayed many a net. The target escaped with its life, however.

The shoppes that took credit cards had this sign on them - "We accept Lady Visa and Master Card." Hehe. (Don't get it? Think about it for a while.)

The jousting, although we didn't see too much of it, was 733t.

Costumes ranged all over the place... from beautiful period dresses to one very scary hairy dude in this... thong armor thing. We saw lots of guys in kilts, too. Several people had faerie wings, and we saw about three people with HUGE black feathered wings. (I got jealous of the wings. I want some.)

Some of the food had REALLY weird names, like 'Sin on a Stick' (frozen cheesecake on a stick) and 'Monkey Tails' (frozen bananas on a stick). For some reason, the Monkey Tails vendor REALLY wanted to sell one to me, which made Maryam and Elly quite amused. (Hush, you two. :p)

That's all the random anecdotes I can remember - Elly and Maryam had better add more when they get online! :) - but in general, it was amazingly fun. The Faire itself was awesome, and it was fantastic to see Elly and Maryam for a second time. :)

Sosi"wearing a REAL costume next year"qui

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