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Re: More Thoughts
Posted By: Rob J D, on host
Date: Thursday, September 27, 2001, at 08:08:17
In Reply To: Re: More Thoughts posted by Dave on Wednesday, September 26, 2001, at 14:39:18:

> > We have to get over the fact that it is now
> >happening closer to home, and start doing
> >everything we can to stop atrocities from
> >happening in the future. If we can't respond in
> >a civilized manner why should we expect others
> >to respond to us in a civilized manner?
> And again, I challenge you to show me how you propose we "start doing everything we can to stop atrocities from happening in the future" *without* at some point resorting to the use of force to capture the people who would commit these attrocities? Your arguments are logically incosistant.
> -- Dave

How about not selling weapons to other countries period. Or at least not selling to any country or group that is using those weapons to suppress people within their own country. And encourage other arms exporting nations to do the same.

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