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Re: My pathetic rant
Posted By: The Other Matthew, on host
Date: Monday, September 24, 2001, at 16:12:46
In Reply To: Re: My pathetic rant posted by T on Monday, September 24, 2001, at 13:42:12:

> You sound a lot like me when I was your age. I was afraid of being alone, too. Unfortunately I think society has a way of conditioning us to think this way. The prevailing attitude is that if you don't have a "significant other" there must be something wrong with you. This mentality sent me through several less than wonderful relationships. Then I decided it wasn't worth it. My suggestion? Stop looking so hard. Placing so much importance on being with another can lead to a downward spiral of bad relationships and low self esteem (and believe me, I've been there).

Never, ever, EVER being in a relationship can do the same (for the low self-esteem part). I speak from experience on this one. Despite the fact that I am only 17 and I'm supposed to be too young to have a "meaningful" relationship, I'm an awful lot more mature than my peers. (Some of you may be inclined to dispute that, and you know who you are . . . ) Nonetheless, the lack of a said relationship in my life bothers me. I've always sort of fancied the "And he married his high school sweetheart and lived happily ever after" scenario.

>Find things you enjoy doing and do them. Focus on finishing school, starting a career and otherwise bettering yourself. Try to enjoy life.

Things can't replace people. Again, I've tried that one, too. Doesn't work.

>Also, remember that everyone goes through unsuccessful relationships. It is important not to let it get your self esteem down.

The Other "Some day . . . soon, I hope" Matthew

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