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Re: My pathetic rant
Posted By: teach, on host
Date: Tuesday, September 25, 2001, at 17:43:36
In Reply To: Re: My pathetic rant posted by Grishny on Tuesday, September 25, 2001, at 08:03:36:

> I only know one married couple now who were
> high school sweethearts and are still married.

Well, if you count virtual friends, you actually know two.

My husband and I met when I was sixteen, and he was eighteen. We are not the norm. We occasionally meet people who have been together for as long as we have, but it's very rare.

To Silvercup, I would say, hang tight. It's not easy, any time it happens. We happened to meet early, but that has it's own challenges, too. Elly's point about changing as you get older is extremely valid. I'm certainly not the same person I was (wince) twenty-one years ago, and neither is my husband. Our relationship managed to survive the rest of high school,university, first jobs, second jobs, and third jobs before we were married (12 years ago). Sometimes it was nice being part of a couple. Sometimes it was an additional burden - it would have been nice to not have to consult someone else all the time. We were able to trust each other and give each other a lot of space - being separated geographically by continents sometimes, but still together.

When you meet the person you are meant to be with, it will be wonderful. But it's still work. For what it's worth, you strike me as an articulate, intelligent, and interesting person in touch with your own feelings and emotions. Those are not qualities to be taken for granted. I know many 30-somethings still trying to reach the level of maturity you appear to have attained.

Listen to all the practical advice folks here have given you, then follow your heart. A judicious combination of the two should serve you well.

te (the old married broad) ach