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making plans
Posted By: Howard, on host
Date: Monday, September 24, 2001, at 12:58:52

Don't make plans. If you do, at least keep them flexable. Everybody's plans interconnect with everybody else's plans. You make a dental appointment and your dentist's wife books a trip the same day. He cancels your appointment and goes with her. Stuff like that happens all the time. My wife was supposed to go to a class reunion, but didn't make reservations, because we were supposed to be in Georgia that day. The trip to Georgia is now canceled and she is trying to make reservations for the reunion. I have plans to go to a scooter meet Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week. But there is space on a cruise leaving Florida on Saturday. No travel time in between. There is the wedding in Nashville, can't recall the date right now, but I wonder what that will conflict with. I hope to go to Hawaii while prices and crowds are down. And there is that antique farm engine and tractor show at Rockwood, Tennessee. And every fall I get an upper respiratory infection that develops into a sinus infection and lays me out for two weeks. When am I going to get up all those leaves that are starting to fall and will continue until Christmas? I planned to go visit my sister when she gets back from France in mid-October. If I wait very long, it will be winter in New England and who wants to go there in winter? Nobody could fit all those plans into a six weeks period.
So much to do, so little time. Before you know it, Merry Christmas.

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