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Re: More thoughts
Posted By: Dave, on host
Date: Friday, September 21, 2001, at 14:56:22
In Reply To: Re: More thoughts posted by Mousie on Friday, September 21, 2001, at 13:47:27:

> Your knowledge of and passion for American and
>world history shames me.

Don't be shamed. Everything I know about Chruchill I learned from listening to Iron Maiden. Everything I know about World War II I learned by watching the Hitler Channel.

>Your eloquence and
>provocative ability in interpreting and
>retelling it humbles me.

Yes, you should definitely be humbled by this. BOW TO ME! ;-)

> But enough of that. I
>can only kiss so much big Dave butt in a day.


> I don't know if I'm adding to your above
>statement or refuting it, but I know we're on
>the same wavelength, so I hope I'm clarifying

You were basically agreeing with me, only you were refuting part of what I said. I completely agree that the main thrust of this campaign will be to stop terror and protect ourselves and others. I do believe that the concept of "justice" plays a part in that, though. But you are definitely right in what you say, that our main thrust will be a proactive defense of our nation.

-- Dave