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Re: More thoughts
Posted By: Mousie, on host
Date: Friday, September 21, 2001, at 13:47:27
In Reply To: More thoughts posted by Dave on Friday, September 21, 2001, at 12:59:04:

> Finally, a point that is only tangentially related to the President's speech. I fear that too many people, including ones who are currently advocating the same things I am advocating, are not understanding the true reasons for doing what we are currently on a course to do. I hear the word "retaliation" and the word "retribution" used too often, and it's beginning to worry me. Revenge should not be a factor in this coming war. Neither should retribution, or any emotion that is based on "getting even" or "getting the bastards who did this". We are pursuing justice, and the safety of all Americans and our allies. Our goal is to "get the people who did this", but not to "get even" with them, it is to bring them to justice and assure that they can never do this to us or anyone else again. That is why the scope of this action is so broad--we're not just going to call it good if we get bin Ladin, or even his whole group. We're going after terrorism everywhere that has within its capabilities the ability to strike at America or our allies. We are doing this to assure our safety, not for revenge. I think too many people miss that point, and I wish to make clear my position and the position of all people who are thinking clearly about this subject. We're a civilized people. We don't "get even". We pursue justice. We don't seek revenge, we seek safety. We will not allow others to dictate how we will live our lives--and that is exactly what they are trying to do with their tactics. They are trying to scare us into changing the way we live, the very basis of our society. We can not and will not let that happen.
> -- Dave

Your knowledge of and passion for American and world history shames me. Your eloquence and provocative ability in interpreting and retelling it humbles me. But enough of that. I can only kiss so much big Dave butt in a day.

I don't know if I'm adding to your above statement or refuting it, but I know we're on the same wavelength, so I hope I'm clarifying it.

I definitely do not think retaliation and retribution are a part of America's reaction. But I also don't really see justice as the motivation for whatever aggressive actions we take now, either. I see cessation. I see prevention.

The *world* cannot live in this kind of fear. The world cannot daily face the kind of threat this event signifies. This wasn't an isolated, one time incident against one, isolated target. It was a show of what *can* happen. It was a warning to the world. It was was a promise -- a promise of what the world can expect if we allow the threat to continue. The sooner the threat is eradicated, the better. I almost have to be grateful it happened to America, because I believe America will take action to stop it -- not to get back at anyone, not to punish anyone, but to protect everyone.


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