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Re: The Inadequacy of Language
Posted By: Etienne, on host
Date: Sunday, September 16, 2001, at 17:18:51
In Reply To: The Inadequacy of Language posted by Jezzika on Friday, September 14, 2001, at 20:35:54:

> The English language is weird. As we all know.
> Why aren't there descriptive words for smell? I remember a Calvin & Hobbes strip on the same subject. We say "it smells like (fill in the blank)" but there are no adjectives. Sure, our sense of smell isn't very impressive, but still. Do any of you know if any other languages have words for smell?

Personally, I use 'Chemical, organic and metallic' a lot to classify... With 'Spiky, strong, putrid, underlying' to describe. Note, Fixer, IMHO, is an organic smell. It's also the Yuckiest thing ever made, but anyway, I disgress.

Also, note that "Rotten Egg" is organic and usually pretty putrid and underlying. However, most peopels associate it (As it should) with GAZ.

Blood is a mettalic smell. It smells pretty much of iron, and it's not really hard to guess why. The smell of a metal, in my method, can be identified by rubbing that metal with your hand, and smelling your fingers. The smell of Plutonium is currently unknown.

A fart, belch, bad breath, are all organic. Armpit odor is organic, with a root of chemical, and an acid/acrid underlying strenght.

Most food will have an organic smell. Cleaning agents, even the 'Citrus sented' kind will have a chemical smell.

So, now, you all know how much of my life is non existent, or revolve around my sense of smell.


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