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The Inadequacy of Language
Posted By: Jezzika, on host
Date: Friday, September 14, 2001, at 20:35:54

The English language is weird. As we all know.

Why aren't there descriptive words for smell? I remember a Calvin & Hobbes strip on the same subject. We say "it smells like (fill in the blank)" but there are no adjectives. Sure, our sense of smell isn't very impressive, but still. Do any of you know if any other languages have words for smell?


The word "love" gets my back up. One word for maybe a hundred variations of emotion.

I love:
--my parents
--my siblings
--my cats
--the Beatles
--my best friend
--the men I've fallen in love with in the past
--my current boyfriend
--Italian food
--Nag Champa incense
--comic books
--my house (which I OWN!!! Yow!)

Now, all of the things listed above have very different emotions attached to them, but I really do love them all. The incense has memories attached to it and it's also a superb insence. The men I've loved are no longer The One and I would never put them over Mike, yet I still love them, and I miss the one who chose not to remain friends.

Anyway, you know what I mean... the middle school confusion of, "I like him... but I don't LIKE him like him." Or you've had a close friend of the opposite sex and you had the "I love you.. but I don't LOVE you" discussion. Why do these very different and very powerful emotions fall under the catch-all term of love? Why don't we have names which differentiate? Life would be so much easier.


And that thing. You know, that thing... why can't "they" make up a name I can remember?

--Jez"sounding like Andy Rooney now"zika

By the way, unlike many of you on this board, I'm not very verbal. I can sometimes put my thoughts into words, but I often choose not too. I stick to writing a few lines which give an indication, and that's it. I planned to write a long, witty article on this subject, but once again, my intelligence failed me. You guys were pretty ruling when it came to Tuesday's Events, and I envy you your writing talents.

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