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A child's perspective...
Posted By: Minamoon, on host
Date: Thursday, September 13, 2001, at 18:16:20

I sort of stole this from another board I post on, but I just had to share it with you guys. I am still sobbing from reading it.

The girl who posted it was a tutor for this boy; he is seven years old, and I think they live in England. They were asked to write their thoughts and dreams for the week. This is exactly how he wrote it. (Except for the clarifications added in parentheses.)

My thinkings and Dreams of the week
By Ralph McKintyre

Mummy was sad yesterday. She put on the news with the hairy man. He was sad too. Daddy was mad but. Mummy told me lots of peple dead. The jetplane hit the big tower with the spike on top. I saw peple jump out. They flew to the ground. Mummy cried. I asked her what was wrong. Mummy said they were ok. They were flying home. When the bilding fell there was lots of smoke. I am sorry that peple were in the smokey. I wish that the bad men had not died so many peple. I went to scool. Miss Davids was sopping. We gave her tisus (tissues). She said thank you then went on her nees and closed her eyes. Mummy said she was praying. Totaly wild (TV show) wasn't on. News was on lots. I saw lots of fire and rubbish and smoke. There was a man with blod on his face. He was crying. Mummy cried. We sang a song at the dinner table. Mummy said it was called amasing grase. I herd a man sing it later on tele.

My dreams are that not as mani peple dide as the hairy man said. I hope that we dont go to war. Mummy said that war is scare. I hope that the peple in Amarika are safe becase we have frinds in amarika and they are my favrite frinds. My dream is that god safes peple that are ding (dying) I hope the bad man that hairy man was talking about is punished like when mummy smacks my bum when i'm nawty (naughty) He shuld get smaked. My dream is one day i can help safe peple in bildings that get jetplanes crashed in them. I hope that mani peple are save. My dream is that the kids my ag (age) are ok. I hope they have bears like mr. beasley to keep them save. My dream is pese (peace).

The end
By Ralph McKintyre


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