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Life at EC
Posted By: Sentry, on host
Date: Friday, September 14, 2001, at 07:28:45
In Reply To: Re: A child's perspective... posted by Minamoon on Thursday, September 13, 2001, at 18:37:12:

> > Sen'I've been to your web-site btw, the dress looks great'try
> Glad I could be of help. And thanks. :-}
> Good to hear from you. How are things at old EC?
> ~Minamoon

At the moment subdued. There was a Candelight Vigil at the Puddle Wednesday night (we canceled the first meeting of the Drama Club so we could attend). I belive most if not all the student body was there. Today at noon there will be a ceremony at the flag pole. No classes have been canceled though.

In more general news, the 1885 room's menu has been expanded. There are Freshmen living in Perry due to lack of room in Alummni, Anderson, and Columbia. Dr. Meyer is apperently in the "Great White North" hunting Carabou, he hasn't come back yet and if he is hunting there is a chance he hasn't even heard what has happened yet. I dissolved the Sci-Fi club last year, no one was comeing to the meetings besides me and Patty. I'm living in a suite on Perry 3rd this year with the Stoezel twins and Keith Dyer (I don't know if you two knew them or not). I'm still the Drama Club historian.

Not much else new here