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Re: Refugees
Posted By: Dave, on host
Date: Monday, September 3, 2001, at 14:30:02
In Reply To: Re: Refugees posted by Sam on Saturday, September 1, 2001, at 19:28:48:

> In all seriousness, you are the biggest jerk I
>hope I never run into. If you expect to win
>anybody over by suggesting that "housing,"
>"food," and "medical attention" are extravagant
>luxuries that somebody needs to "draw the line"
>at, well, even as cynical as I am I don't think
>you're going to win much of a following.

Hrm. You surprise the heck out of me, Sam. You are, right here, arguing that "housing", "food", and "medical attention" are basic human rights, and yet last time I knew you were basically against welfare, universal healthcare, and other such programs in our own country that are designed to give people in our OWN country these things. You're the guy who was happy in '96 when Pat Buchanan won the New Hampshire Primary--the same Pat Buchanan who would basically build a wall around the US and close off almost all forms of immigration.

> Cry me a river. When people are suffering and
>dying, your pocketbook is the least of my
>concerns. If it was the only way to save
>somebody's life, I'd rob you blind.

Open your pocketbook, then. People are suffering and dying right in our very own country, on our own streets, because they don't have the basic needs of housing, food, and medical attention you would give these people from Afghanistan and yet seemingly deny them.

-- Dave

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