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Re: Visualization and mental math
Posted By: Wes, on host
Date: Saturday, August 18, 2001, at 22:13:11
In Reply To: Re: Visualization and mental math posted by Dave on Saturday, August 18, 2001, at 17:41:41:

> As an aside, does anyone else visualize numbers the way I do? Anytime I see numbers in my head, unless I'm arranging them to do a problem, I see them on a clock face. So the numbers 1-12 are arranged in order like they are on a clock, and starting with thirteen, they snake up into oblivion in my mind's eye. So 13 is above and to the right of 12, 14 is above and to the right of 13, but they sort of start going up more straight after 15, until they kind of hit a peak at 20 and flatten out again. Then they slope up much more slowly until 35 or 40 or so, then shoot up again. Somewhere around 70 or so they start bending back towards the left, because I get the distinct impression of 90-100 ascending right-to-left instead of left-to-right.

... Whoa. I don't know about anyone else, but that seems completely foreign to me. I think one of the major differences between the way you think of numbers and the way I think of numbers is that you think of them as the characters that represent the numbers, and I just think of them as numbers. I could have been blind since birth and I would think of numbers the exact same way. (Well, okay, probably not. But the point is I don't have a visual representation of them) They're just *numbers*. I don't use any of my senses to define them. It's like an extra sense that deals with quantities. Or something like that.

It's kind of like what I said in another post about my visualization of shapes, which isn't really a visualization at all. Occasionally I'll actually *see* a streak of light zooming along the edge of what I'm picturing, but normally it's something completely different. It's a *motion*. Not one that I see, or one that I actually sense as if I felt it, but something completely different. It's very hard to describe. It's just something you kind of *know*. I *know* that the motion is going from here to there in this path, and I can *feel* it, but not in any normal way. *shrug*

Wes - "Ok, I guess I'm just crazy."

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