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Re: BAM!
Posted By: Wolfspirit, on host
Date: Monday, January 29, 2001, at 18:00:53
In Reply To: Re: Rinkworks is silly! posted by Don the BICKETY BAM! Monkeyman on Monday, January 29, 2001, at 15:49:21:

> > Wow. That name RULES! I'm going to say it one time, just for amusement. "Stephen-Bickety BAM!-Keller." Just add Bickety BAM! somewhere in the mimddle of your name, and, WHAM! Instant Coolness.
> >
> > Lif-BICKETY BAM!-ace
> Um, wow... I think I have a new permament nickname... That is, until Stephen assassinates Liface and I go underground because I know I'm next.
> Don the "BICKETY BAM!" Monkeyman

Yeah, well, when I saw Bickety-BAM!, my first thought was that of "Cooking LIVE with Emeril Lagasse and Stephen-Bickety / BAM!-Keller as the Main Course."

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