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Re: Bickety Bam... explained
Posted By: Faux Pas, on host
Date: Tuesday, January 30, 2001, at 07:29:02
In Reply To: Bickety Bam... explained posted by Stephen on Monday, January 29, 2001, at 18:09:37:

> Blah. It's a (very obscure) Mallrats reference. Sometimes my Kevin Smith obsession just goes a little bit *too* far...
> Ste "Silent Bob stole the schematics from some foolish carpenter and found a weakness just like the *&^*ing Death Star. You knock this crossbeam out and -- bickity bam! -- the whole stage comes crashing down." phen

Ah, the one good scene in Mallrats.

The big problem I had with the movie (apart from the comedy's lack of humor) was that NOBODY would ever curse like that in front of Stan Lee! "Holy @#$#, man! You're ^#@*ing Stan Lee!"

C'mon! That's like cursing in front of the Pope -- you just don't do that even if you're not Catholic.

-Faux "Okay, 'fly fat!@#, fly' was a good line." Pas