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Re: BAM scripts
Posted By: Mel, on host
Date: Sunday, January 16, 2000, at 20:57:33
In Reply To: BAM scripts posted by Stephen on Monday, August 24, 1998, at 18:25:18:

> Anyone interested in posting their own attempts at a BAM script up here? I think it might be kinda neat just to see some more reader scripts. It would also mean that we could do books that have already been done, or that don't have a place on Rinkworks official (i.e. horror stuff). Just an idea. Anyway, I'll start it with a real quick attempt at the Iliad (which I know is going to be on Classics soon after it's opening):
> Achilles:
> My life sucks. I hate this war, and Agememnon. At least I can't be killed.
> (Achilles goes into BATTLE, and is KILLED.)
> (The End.)
> Comments welcome, and now I want to see some other tries (no matter how bad they are. I mean, even if your script isn't any good, I can still get some entertainment out of mocking you. Heh, kidding. Of course, go ahead and mock me all you want).

Well, I'll give it a try. Feel free to make comments, suggestions, etc. (note: these contain spoilers)

The Collected Works of John Grisham:

A Struggling Young Southern Lawyer:
I'm struggling and young, but at least I have ethics.

An Evil And Corrupt DA, Attorney, or CEO:
I'll crush you like the impudent bug you are.

The Struggling Young Southern Lawyer:
Oh no you don't.
(wins the big case)

The End

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe:

(Everyone FLIES around. Then they have LUNCH. Then they fly around SOME MORE.)

The End

Life, the Universe, and Everything:

(Arthur and Ford go CRAZY)

Arthur, Ford, help me save the universe.

Arthur and Ford:

(TRILLIAN saves the universe)

*gasp* It had a plot! (faints)

The End

So Long and Thanks For All the Fish:

(The Earth wasn't really DESTROYED)

Oh joy, I'll go home and do normal, uninteresting things.

(he does)

The End

Mostly Harmless:

(The Earth was destroyed after all)
(The Earth gets destroyed)
(Everyone DIES)

Ultra Die Hard Fans:
Hehe. That Douglas Adams sure is funny.

Everyone Else:

The End

M"replying to old messages is FUN!"el

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