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Mystic Magic
Posted By: dedeeboru, on host
Date: Wednesday, March 25, 2009, at 16:09:27

You're Carrying:

A Bunch of Toldaka Leaves
Sparkly Diamonds
A Long Thick Rope
A Wooden Cross

A Handful of Ice Cold Snow
A Hunk of Gold
A Large Rusty Hook
A Scroll For Killing Mummies

Oak Sap
A Quarter
A Sharp Sword
A Banshee Defender

I killed the dragon, an orc, and several other baddies. I've jumped in the lake, gone in the castle, and gone up the mountain.

I can't seem to find a quarter, which I think will greatly assist me in moving forward.

I also cant get into the cabin or the haunted mansion.

I've mapped it and been everywhere, but I need assistance in getting moving again.


P.S.-I feel silly needing help on this right after doing EFSM w/no hints.

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