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The Nutty Professor (1996)



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Underneath the almost constant barrage of body odor gags and other assorted juvenile humor, I think there's a good movie. It shows through every once in a while. Unfortunately, most of this comedy is just crude adolescent "humor." Eddie Murphy is talented -- there's no question about that -- but if he doesn't use it in conjunction with a vaguely intelligent script, then, well, it's just well-done schlock. That's precisely what The Nutty Professor is. My advice: unless you laugh hysterically when people pass gas, stick with the original. Parents take note: the film is rated PG-13, perhaps unwisely, on the heavy side of the rating at minimum. The continual innuendos and vulgarity make it inappropriate for kids, while the insipid potty humor makes it tiresome for grownups. The film's ideal audience, therefore, is a small gang of childish adults.

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